There is a lot of debate surrounding whether or not replicas are good or bad for high fashion. Being that replicas are illegal and count as counterfeit goods, there is still a huge industry surrounding it that rakes in billions of dollars and many countries have seemed to embrace replicas as a normal part of fashion. 

The popularity of replicas has also started to gain more popularity through the internet. There are a bunch of sub reddits dedicated to helping people find replicas and buy them. So whats to stop you from buying a $1000 sneaker for $40 instead.

Gucci Guccy Block Logo T-Shirt | Neiman Marcus
Guccy is a Gucci clone

Lets take a quick look into what people in the industry have to say about replicas or fakes. 

Virgil abloh the head designer and owner of off-white has to say this about replicas. To him replicas are a form of free advertising to his brand. He sees people who wear replicas as walking billboards. Also, if your brand is so hot that people need to make fake versions of it, it is a good sign that you are doing something right. 

Scary Good Fake Off White Nike Air Vapormax Sneakers Are On The Market |  Sneakers fashion, White nikes, Fake shoes

Brands like nike on the other hand do not take kindly to the replication of their goods. They have cracked down on numerous factories creating fake nike shoes and continue to protect their name at all cost. A good example of nike’s lawsuits is the Nike vs Warren Lotta dunk controversy. As you can see, warren lottas dunk are copying the same silhouette and logo design of nike. Nike does not mess with this kind of stuff. 

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