According to Bloomberg, Apple will hold its next hardware event on March 8. The third-generation iPhone SE, a new version of the 2020 iPad Air, and a new Mac computer with its own silicon chip will be unveiled during the occasion.

The new iPhone will include a 5G modem for the first time in the SE series, as well as a faster CPU and improved camera. According to the report, the rebuilt fifth-generation iPad Air will feature an A15 bionic processor, 5G connectivity for cellular versions, and a 12-megapixel wide angle front camera. It'll presumably look similar to the current iPad Air with a 10.9-inch (277 mm) LCD screen.

The "silicon chip Mac," which had been long anticipated, was barely addressed. Apple began phasing out Intel processors in its gadgets at the end of 2020. The company's proprietary CPU is a 64-bit ARM processor with an integrated GPU and microprocessor. The chip, which runs on ARM architecture, allows the firm to focus on optimizing efficiency and integration across its devices and platforms rather than having to develop hardware compatible with other firms' software.

In addition to new hardware, Apple is “likely” to launch iOS 15.4 in the first half of March, according to Bloomberg. The update is expected to include a new feature for managing the control of devices via AirPlay 2. The release would also have an improved Siri that can handle multiple tasks and be more contextually aware, according to previous leaks.

“We continue to believe Apple will launch its first 5G phone in 2020 despite potential pressure from Sprint,” said Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Adam Su.Apple will hold its first event of 2020 on March 8, according to the report. The company will reportedly unveil new iPhone models, a MacBook computer with its own chip and revamped iPad Air.