The iPhone 13 series no longer features a long-standing noise cancellation feature from Apple. Steve, a 9to5Mac reader, contacted Apple Support about the feature and was told that it isn't available on the iPhone 13 series. "That's correct. It is not supported. Please go to if you'd like to provide feedback on this feature." The Apple Support staff responded, "Yes, that's the case," in response to my question about it being displayed when listening to podcasts via Safari."

“The feature is no longer available on any iPhone models in all of our stores,” an Apple retail store employee told MacRumors . “Apple will no longer be carrying the earphones that go with it.”

Apple has still not commented on the removal of this feature from its latest products, even though a number of tech reviewers have been complaining about it since last year. The more recent Apple Watch also no longer includes the feature.

Available only on 2014's iPhone 6 and previous models, Noise Cancelation is a feature that uses the three microphones on the phone to create an anti-noise barrier between your ear and conversation partner. While it's not available on any current iPhones, Apple is selling a discontinued model of Beats Studio3 noise canceling headphones with it.

"Soon after working with Apple and a senior advisor for months while telling them to wait for an update to fix the problem, I got an update on the issue, and it appears that it will not be addressed. "Apple is sending me a 256G iPhone XR to replace my old iPhone 7+ as part of my upgrade cycle. After that, I'll have another year's usage out of it."Apple has yet to comment on the removal of this feature from its latest products.