The Lunar New Year will officially begin in 2022, after the conclusion of the 2020 New Years celebrations. Apple is bringing back the Year of the Ox Airpods Pro, which it offered last year as part of its Year of the Ox series.

A special tiger emoji wearing a tiger hood and pyrotechnics in the background is shown on the MagSafe charging case. The special edition product is identical to the standard edition save for a couple of additional emoji etched in brilliant red on the sides of the packaging box. Buyers will also get a set of unique red envelopes emblazoned with the Chinese character for "tiger."

The product will be priced at $1999.00 USD and available online exclusively through the Apple Store website. Because of high demand, customers are encouraged to order their product early to avoid shipping delays due to expected overcrowding in Chinese town centers during the Lunar New Year festivities.

As a reminder, the Year of the Ox product was widely accepted with no early complaints from customers. In similar fashion to that model, online buyers have been very enthusiastic about this year's offering.

"My Tiger AirPods Pro is great for seeing in low light," said Beijinger Daniel Song after receiving his order confirmation. "This year's offering is guaranteed to be a success with this combination of new features."

Apple is expected to release an updated iPhone model later in the year that will feature high-resolution night vision for 2019.The Year of the Tiger Airpods Pro is available for purchase now on the Apple Store website. As a reminder, this product has no return policy and is only available to customers with an active (paid) subscription to iCloud and FaceTime services.