Andy Warhol, a Pop artist obsessed with the likes of fame, commercial society, and mechanical reproduction, has created some of the most famous pictures of the twentieth century. Warhol drew greatly from popular culture and the subject matter of people’s daily lives, creating works such as his Brillo pad box sculptures, 32 Campbell Soup Cans, and paintings of Marilyn Monroe, using medium silk-screen etching to achieve his unique artistic style known today. Warhol was also known to have mentored artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, and was known for his personality development. Factory studio was his radically artistic and social melting pot and hit films such as Chelsea Girls in 1966. His sensibility of Pop has been adopted by a slew of modern artists including, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, and Takashi Murakami, to name a few.

The Estate of Andy Warhol has licensed and trademarked a one-of-a-kind, everlasting collectible. Andy Warhol’s flowers wrap around the entire figure in the paired collectable with BE@RBRICKS. The figurine is then presented in an eye-catching Warhol Flowers collector’s box. Warhol’s renowned flower artwork is featured in a red, blue, and orange color scheme over a grassy setting for the new collaboration.

Flowers” is replicated in an all-over pattern on 100 percent, 400 percent, and 1000 percent figurines by Medicom Toy. Henry Geldzahler, the curator of the Metropolitan Museum in New York back then, is said to have recommended to Warhol that he paints flowers as the main subject of his major series. The paintings are part of a long tradition of still-life painting in art history. Warhol was then merely experimenting with a different subject matter with his Flowers. Warhol was in a strange sense, reenacting the history of art. His genre is similar to Monet’s water lilies and Van Gogh’s florals.