Opinions are mixed on his work and his actions and politics no doubt continue to discriminate and divide. I would like to take this article and discuss one of my favorite pieces and how it is relevant to the more general and expansive ideas and concepts pertaining to Superflat.

This painting, And Then... (Blue) acts as a manifesto and mission statement for many of the artist's later projects and endeavors. The piece implicitly addresses issues which I will go on to discuss. It used and re-appropriated and constantly refers to and discusses the use and becoming of Manga and Anime and all it can be and is. It questions the nature of what we consider 'high' and 'low' art forms and categories and boundaries as if they are mere lines in the sand which are ever changing and in a constant state of fluctuations.

It calls and questions and addresses and continues and redefines and complicates and expands its own nature and moves forward. It's a statement of purpose and a continuing development and expansion of idea formation, one that remains in a constant state of becoming.

The blue color saturates the monochromatic canvas (or gatefold sleeve) completely, and is the defining and unifying and central and constant and sole and constant and primary and penetrating and suffocating color. It is the prime mover as it pushes and pulls like a thrusted forward wave through space. The rough sketchy black lines, inspired by manga, are reminiscent of nighttime stars which are connected with one another like constellations in a great and expansive and connecting and connective and 'flat' and unending universe. The stars are also like the dots of a pixel and are contained and surrounded by the blue; they point outward toward us and toward you and toward all things beyond, things beyond our own Milky Way Galaxy and past it, more galaxies which reach out towards one another.

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