Architectural Digest has done an awesome article featuring our favorite street art legend KAWS. The magazine paid a visit to the artist’s triangle-shaped home in Brooklyn, New York. KAWS, with his wife — acclaimed sculptor Julia Chiang — and two kids, resides in the sizable space which was once a working studio.

The Living Room

The space was originally designed by Masamichi Katayama . KAWS says,”I used to walk by here every once in a while. I wasn’t looking for a place—though I always like to look—so it was a spontaneous purchase. And after completing my main studio, which was a ground-up project, I came into this wanting to just get in as quickly as possible.” The artist’s new studio is just “a short bike ride away,”

The living room

Kaws space features many of his signature items items like the never-before-seen BFF chair made in collaboration with the Campana Brothers. He also collects art from other artist. He usually doesn’t buy art to fill a space. He buys it, then hopes he can find a place for it to work. 

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