Following Virgil Abloh’s death from a rare form of cancer, street artist Alec Monopoly has unveiled a massive wall painting in Wynwood, Miami, honoring the entrepreneur and designer’s legacy.

The blue-sky designs from Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2020 Collection, which intended to represent the notion of “Heaven on Earth” with clouds that symbolize freedom, togetherness, and peace, are used as the mural’s backdrop. A big depiction of Abloh in a blue Louis Vuitton suit with angel wings and a halo sits front and center for the painting, with Abloh’s slogan “ART IS MADE IN HINDSIGHT” in the left corner and his name and life dates printed in Off-White typography on the right.Because Abloh opted to keep his two-year fight with cancer private, his death came as a big shock to the creative world he so profoundly influenced. As the SS22 Miami show, which paid “respect to the life and legacy of a creative genius,” comes to a conclusion, the generation he influenced continues to pay tribute to him in their own ways.