Alaska Alaska, one of Virgil Abloh’s design studios in London, is a lesser-known side project of the multifaceted designer, although it has produced some of the designer’s and his team’s most intriguing items to date. Alaska Alaska has enlisted a few team members and designers, namely Francisco Gaspar, Klara Zepp, Or Gal, and Tawanda Chiweshe, to create their own limited-edition version of a chair, which are all made of three core materials: a plastic pouch, vinyl tape, and corrugated cardboard, in the latest series of their sculptural cardboard chairs.

The ”Dark Is Lovely” chair by Chiweshe comes in the familiar cardboard hue and is adorned with yellow vinyl tape that says “Women of African Descent,” as well as old visuals of hair care and conditioning product ads like “fade resistance” and “shea butter.”

The base of “Sacrifice of Isaac” by Or Gal is once again a brown card, but this time around was printed with abstract images of Caravaggio’s artwork of the same name.

RHEINISCHER FROHSINN chair by Klara Zepp mixes white card with oranges tapes that read a sentence in German, is a refreshing change of pace. This is complemented by phrases in English that say “for your notes,” and a big image graces the back.

Lastly, Francisco Gaspar’s “Grandolada” chair used accents of blue vinyl tape on a brown card that read “Grandola Vila Morena.” It depicted a Portuguese saying that derived from a song by Jose Alfonso, but rose to prominence after it has been used as a radio-broadcast signal by the Armed Forces Movement of Portugal during their operations in the military coup that actively seemed to plan to destabilize the Portuguese government. This corresponds to the artwork on the chair itself, which depicts troops uniting as one and prepare for the battle they are about to face.