Famous for his character from the film The Wolf of Wall Street, Alan Wilzig, also an American Entrepreneur, philanthropist and a semi-professional race car driver closed a $3.35 million deal for townhouse back in the mid-2000s, which currently has a value of $12.65 million.

Initially, he was selling it for $44million, but according to Wilzig, He didn't get pressing about selling the property until he reduced the price to under $20 million in 2017. Until then, he wouldn't have sold "without being paid such a stupid amount of money compared to what it's worth," However, he made out okay.

The townhouse-style home has four bedrooms with expensive taste, a fireplace, a media room, outdoor patio, private garage, and a spa area. With classy white curtains, alligator skin handrails, a massive aquarium with butterfly koi. His classic abode caught the eyes of an affluent family from Brazil with Jane Powers of Douglas Elliman's help that brokered the deal.

Now, Wilzig is spending utmost dedication on his farm at Taghkanic, New York, where he built a 40-foot-wide Grand Prix racing track. He is also considering to lease a  $20,000 to $25,000 a month apartment in the city. 

Banking Tycoon Alan Wilzig and his Pro Racetrack in His Backyard.