With a new four-way collaborative effort with Bored Ape Yacht Club, crypto investor Gmoney, and Punks Comic of Pixel Vault, adidas is enhancing their trip to the metaverse.

The collaborators shared photographs of an upcoming collaboration with the sportswear label on social media on the morning of November 28. The posts on their individual accounts merely provided a glimpse at the collaboration, with no other information regarding the nature of it. Adidas increased its metaverse activities earlier this month with the release of a POAP or Proof of Attendance Sandbox. Protocol on their app, adidas CONFIRMED. Select users will receive digital tokens as part of the new launch, giving adidas a whole new method in identifying their most committed users on the CONFIRMED app. In a statement, adidas claimed, “This digital collectable is our way of thanking you for pursuing your curiosity as we explore this new age of innovation together. This token establishes that you were present from the start of his adventure. Decentraland. Keep it secure, you never know when you’ll need it.” Stay tuned for further details regarding the upcoming four-way partnership after last month’s first release.