An American designer based in New York City, noted for his brand Staple Design which was initially a graphic T-shirt company. Staple has since expanded into other segments of design, including apparel and accessories.

Jeff is an innovator in the street wear industry who continues to create some of the most desirable graphics on t-shirts, watches, jackets, caps and more.

Jeff's inspirational story will motivate you to succeed and achieve greatness in life. He is a true entrepreneur with a unique vision, determination, hard-work and dedication are his keys to success.

The teenage years into the early stages of adulthood for Jeff Staple were more than a little tough. However, with his undeniable creative flair, combined with his determination to pursue success and the support of friends who believed in him, he managed to turn things around for himself and make something good happen.   His is an incredible story of how hard-work, self-belief and the desire to succeed can pay off, regardless of the challenges thrown up along the way.

In his early years, Jeff was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1979 and grew up as a child to Jamaican parents. He started his first job at the very early age of thirteen years old. This was an incredibly young age by today's standards but back then it was not unusual. He was a paperboy for local newspapers and he also worked at several other menial jobs during these years.   At the age of fifteen Jeff attended Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn. His parents wanted him to concentrate on his studies, so they were keen that he remained focused upon his education.

This is where it all began. Despite his parents' best efforts to keep Jeff focused on school studies, he found the lure of the streets too great and spent much of his time hanging out with friends of like mind.   They would meet in parks or local hangouts to swap stories, talk about girls, listen to music and just generally hang-out. It was at this point in his life that Jeff Staple began to show a creative flair for art.   He drew inspiration from popular music, The Beastie Boys formed a particular influence upon him.