Canary Yellow boasts another wearable art collection by an exceptional collaboration of Damien Hirst and Tetsuzo Okubo-ingenious, designer and upcycler of all times. Hosted by the relentless polymath, Virgil Abloh, to feature their collection entitled "Beverly Hirst Recycler". Featuring pieces with cultural and artistic significance, we've compiled several photos just for you!

"Everything started two years ago. Damien was my long-time customer; One day, he came to my studio, then we talked about collaboration."

- Okubo

All items shipped from Hirst's studio in England to Los Angeles, where Okubo does his alchemy. Embedded on each garment are both artist's signature strokes--works will be auctioned online at Canary Yellow.

This collaboration was set to be a very symbolic partnership and creativity portrayed in the midst of the pandemic. With last year's situation up till now, sustainability was given great emphasis in all aspects. The fashion industry is also taking its part in it. As the creative director of Louis Vuitton, Abloh introduces Upcycling Ideology to the luxury brand, thus resulting in new-upcycled looks from their prior collections. 

"No season is an old season. In a fast-paced and fleeting time, repetition equals documentation: gestures made and lessons learned." This ideology is at play in the transatlantic “Beverly Hirst Recycler” collection.

- Virgil Abloh