Tyler, The Creator is an artist to watch out for. He has a rather unique style and motivation that has garnered the attention of many other artists. It's not everyday you see an established rapper take on a role as creative director for a clothing line and it shows that Tyler knows what he wants - what only he would wear.

Having a creative vision comes with some sacrifices, but Tyler does not complain at all. He has worn many shirts and outfits that are rather different from the regular rapper attire of baggy jeans and shirts.

So it is no surprise that Tyler's style is stuck somewhere in between hip-hop and nerd. Whatever he wears, he still looks good. His outfits aren't for everyone but they're definitely unique enough that make him stand out from the rest of the cast. Here are some of his best outfit choices:

White Ringer Tee

Can we just start with the fact that this is what he wore in his famous meeting with Kanye West? And Kanye gave him a hug and a pat on the back. This shirt has to be worth a million dollars by now.

Tyler's t-shirt game is always on point but it's not difficult to learn from such perfect taste. I'm sure you have at least two or more of these already.

White Tuxedo Shirt & Blue Jeans

Tyler's style is ever-changing, but this outfit may be one of the best ones yet.  A simple shirt can make a big difference especially if it's white and you pair it with blue jeans. Because only Tyler can pull off such a combination and make it look all cool.

Black V-Neck & Jeans

Tyler is known for his rather bright clothing choices but there is something to be said about simple yet stylish outfits. He looks especially good in dark colours but he also has the right amount of confidence to carry them off.

You can't go wrong with a black shirt, no matter how different it is from the usual trends. Pair it with dark jeans (or blue if you want to be like Tyler) and you will look good too. Simple as that!

Black Hoodie & Jeans

This outfit is somewhat similar to the last one. The difference however is that he has added a black hoodie to the equation. He doesn't look quite as cool but still, it's hard to deny how good he looks in black.

Hat, Pants & Shoes

Can you picture Tyler going outside in public wearing anything else? Of course not! He wouldn't be him without his signature outfit. It's so simple but he makes it work and so do you if you emulate his style.