Two years ago, Chrome Hearts, a renowned Los Angeles jewelry designer, had presented its 2018 holiday collection, which included a slew of pieces that might have given Supreme’s outrageous accessories a run for its money.

The collection had luxurious diamond, gold, and silver accents, including products such as a baby rattle and spoon, basketball hoop, dog collar, dumbbells, nail polish set, stuff toys, stethoscope, pen set, push pins, Rubik’s cube, walker, and many others.

Sex Records, a record label under Chrome Hearts, was also included in the featured release, which included a leather jacket and its own Vespa. Eyeglasses, a leather bucket hat, a sled, and personalized surfboards were among Chrome Hearts’ other famous items.

This year, Chrome Hearts has launched yet another version of a Rubik’s Cube on their website, continuing to offer select products online.

The oddity, which was first released in 2017, is made entirely of 0.925 silver and is completely effective for solving. The Puzzle Cube is made in Chrome Hearts’ office in Los Angeles and has six sides with trademark logos and patterns. Crosses, daggers, flags, hears, stars, and fleur-de-lis are among the designs made available, which may be combined or left on still for a stunning effect when used.