Visitors to Paris get a true sense of the romantically French city that is reflected in its architecture and interior design. From the towering Eiffel Tower, to lush green gardens with stately fountains reminiscent of Versailles and mansions straight out of a Dali painting, you will instantly feel as if you have stepped into a painting. One of the most visited and exciting cities in the world, Paris also has an exceptional art scene that will leave you wanting to see more. While there is no better place to view these extraordinary works of art than a museum, you can catch a glimpse into this unique lifestyle through this luxurious penthouse designed by Boca do Lobo Design Studio.

But what is the definition of French luxury? While every Frenchman has his own take on that phrase, one thing is certain: a luxurious residence in Paris must envelop its dwellers in comfort and style while also reflecting the city's unique character. And that is exactly what this penthouse designed by Boca do Lobo Design Studio does.

This piece of luxury is located right on the heart of Paris at an iconic and historical building in Saint Germain. The apartment's furnishings all come from either Boca do Lobo or other designers who have caught the attention of its owner, an art collector with a passion for design.

Truly, this penthouse embodies French formality and modern luxury. The furnishings are impeccably tailored to the clients' specifications, taking painstaking effort from both Boca do Lobo and its in-house team of craftsmen.

In terms of design, every piece was created using materials with historical significance: the tables and chairs for example, were all crafted out of solid wood (maple wood for the chairs and walnut for the tables). The oval dining table even has an antique form.

All over this penthouse, you will see examples of its designer's keen eye for detail. For example, in one room that is lined with fine bookshelves, there are some small golden straps that hold these shelves together – but the details don't end there. These golden straps are a nod to the details you can see in old French architecture and interiors – making the penthouse feel as if it is straight out of an old French palace.

To continue with this theme, Boca do Lobo installed a collection of high-back wing chairs that have delicately carved wooden legs and arms. Each one is hand-painted in an off-white color with gold details, a playful reference to the golden straps placed throughout the penthouse.

Every room in this penthouse feels like a work of art, most notably the dining room which features two elegant stained glass windows that are intricately patterned. The windows were originally made for the New York Waldorf Astoria Hotel in the 1930s and were restored by Boca do Lobo for this residence.

And of course, no French luxury apartment would be complete without a view that will take your breath away. The penthouse's owner requested an impressive Parisian skyline view so Boca do Lobo installed a wall of glass that floods the living room, kitchen and master bedroom with sunlight.

To keep up with the owner's fastidious demands for his penthouse, Boca do Lobo had to spend careful attention to every detail in terms of design and quality. The end result is a luxurious penthouse that would make any Parisian proud – at a price of $30 million.