What is a Hypebeast? It's defined as a person who lusts after the latest streetwear, shoes, and accessories. These individuals always look to be ahead of the game by staying on top of the latest trends- from Yeezy's to Supreme drops- that will ultimately have them dressed well enough to walk into any store and buy anything they want.

What does a Hypebeast's living space look like? In many cases, it looks like a hodgepodge of Ikea furniture, some nice pieces, and vintage items that are placed in a way that makes the viewer feel special and exclusive. A place where you can tell a lot about someone by just looking around. You can tell if someone is a Hypebeast by the way they dress; however, this article suggests that you should look at their space to truly put a label on them.

What does the ultimate Hypebeast living space consist of? It would have:

A nice, big bed to lay down and rest. A huge TV to play new video games or watch a movie on Netflix. Vintage items of clothing and shoes that they wish they could wear, but can't- as well as cheap replicas. Nice rugs to give the place some color A few posters with iconic images from their favorite video game (or TV show). A ceiling light fixture that would make anyone feel special by looking at it for more than two seconds.

Many basketball jerseys from the 90s and 2000s A pair of jeans that still have the tags on them because they're too cool to wear.   Hip Hop vinyl records with their collection growing larger each day. And, a desk where they can study or work on an assignment By placing all of their items carefully around their space, you will know exactly how they like things- this will most likely be used as a guide on how to keep your own space tidy.