The Hype is on! Louis Vuitton Monogram is omnipresent--from Sports- to Fashion - to Homeware, patronized by famous celebrities, industrialists, and philanthropists worldwide. Ever curious how this boost has been maintained for years?

Initially designed by Georges Vuitton in 1896, the signature Louis Vuitton Monogram to honor the famous brand's founder--his father. This signature blossomed into an international representation of luxurious luggage and bags from its origins.

" It represents innovation, design, and timelessness, combined with the elegance of the House's heritage of savoir-faire. "

Louis Vuitton

Virgil Abloh and Takashi Murakami gave immense contributions to LVs monogram rise. An American designer, entrepreneur, and DJ who has been a remarkable Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton's Men's Wear Collection, Virgil Abloh initiated numerous collaboration with renowned brands that paved the way to LV monogram's rise. And so as Takashi Murakami's 13-year partnership with LV--featuring his majestic masterpieces and color identities into LVs monogram. According to Clara Malley "the brand became its most lucrative and successful collaborations of all time and paved the way for boundary-bending art world reinterpretations that continue through today."

Virgil Abloh x Louis Vuitton Monogram

Louis Vuitton's progress in the world of pop-culture gives them two privileges. First, maintaining a standard image in the high place fashion industry, and Second, welcomed and oriented to the general community's younger audience.