It's definitely not a bird or a plane, It's A Necklace Nebula in space! This dazzling clump of stellar pieces shines like a diamond necklace in cosmic proportions, just as what the European Space Agency (ESA) describes it as The Hubble Space Telescope captured it. 

It was a product of two doomed stars burned out due to their interaction, which is located around 15,000 light-years away from Earth. The Necklace Nebula continues to mesmerize everyone due to its explicit formation, given that when an aging star widens, it does so absorb its smaller stars adjacent to it--which is referred to as the "common envelope." Its scientific name PN G054.203.4, a bright, tightly packed gas clumps compose the diamond-like ring of debris.

According to ESA, "The pair of stars which created the Necklace Nebula remain so close together – separated by only several million miles – that they appear as a single bright dot in the center of this image. Despite their close encounter, the stars are still furiously whirling around each other, completing an orbit in just over a day," 

Officially announcing it in social media, Hubble mentioned in their Twitter, "We're starry-eyed by this diamond necklace of cosmic proportions!"