GQ magazine 's Best New Menswear Designers in America 2018 award winner, Virgil Abloh is renowned for his line of street-ready and experimental menswear. A former DJ and current art director at Louis Vuitton , he takes inspiration from everything around him. In collaboration with Jacob the Jeweler , Abloh created an all-new collection for Fall/Winter 2018.

NAME: Jacob & Co. has been known in the global Luxury market since 1984, when it was founded by Jacob Arabo. Known as 'The King of Bling,' his creations have been worn by high-profile celebrities, rappers and athletes alike, making him a globally renowned luxury jewelry designer.

Jacob & Co's new collection is titled "Architectural Anarchy" and blends minimalism with eccentricity to create a unique, modern look. Jacob & Co.'s styles are inspired by the chaos of the world around us such as architecture in terms of angles, geometry and proportion.  

The title of his collection is "Architectural Anarchy," which shows off the structured, futuristic gold chains that he created, as well as his signature use of clear gems.  

The collection also includes a variety of intriguing rings and bracelets with bold designs, geometric shapes and Abloh's signature use of different materials such as silver and leather. The collection also features his first-ever collaboration with Jacob, which uses the chain to manipulate the curve of a ring.  

An American stylist and designer, Virgil Abloh is currently the creative director of menswear at Louis Vuitton as well as chief executive officer of Off-White™. He is known for designs that draw influence from African-American youth culture in Chicago, the 1990s, and hip-hop.  His goal is to make clothing that is accessible and affordable for young people.  

Virgil Abloh's recent work includes a collaboration with Nike on the Air Jordan 1 leading up to Michael Jordan's final retirement as well as his first Louis Vuitton runway show, which was unveiled during Paris Fashion Week in January 2018.

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