As the last of the summer sun's rays begin to fade, there is a shift in air. The first whispers of the chill on their way signal that it is time for new beginnings. With Fall comes fresh starts, new adventures and endless possibilities. It is this spirit Dior pays homage to with its Fall menswear collection presented during Men's Paris Fashion Week.

The collection is based on the idea of the restless American spirit, a love of adventure and the endless possibilities that come with it. Creative Director Kim Jones looked to the Beat Generation for inspiration, in particular Jack Kerouac's On the Road. This seminal work captures the energy and freedom of that time and place, a generation coming of age and exploring the world. It is a celebration of travelling, from the open road to the seedy underground bars.

The collection was presented in a beautifully transformed theatre in Paris, decorated with graffiti art by Jean-Jacques Lebel. A mix of classic tailoring and urban influences were showcased in a show setting that fused a darkly glamorous mood with a gritty, urban edge.

Those that find solace in the unknown will appreciate the collection's mix of international inspirations and styles, while also being able to savour its true Parisian roots. The collection features countless carefully constructed layers all designed to help one adapt to city life and transition effortlessly from day to night.

The stand out piece for me however, is the incredible multi-coloured coat that features a patchwork of bright and bold colours. The loose fit and the draped front give it an effortless look while also adding to its rebellious charm.

Although based on Beat Generation tropes, Jones manages to infuse Dior with his vision for this collection. He is able to showcase the Dior man's unwillingness to be restricted, his love for mixing styles and cultures in unique ways and how he can effortlessly reinvent himself season after season.It seems that this collection will be one that perfectly captures the spirit of adventure that people seem them selves feeling in the air these days. It is a beautiful homage to the restless American soul and I cannot wait to see how people interpret it in their own lives.