First off, if you're reading this article, congrats! You're taking the first step to becoming an expert in non-fungible tokens. An NFT is essentially an asset that was created on top of Ethereum that is either scarce or unique (or both).

Being the first centralized marketplace for NFTs was no easy task for OpenSea. It has since become the home for tens of thousands of crypto collectibles, and currently features a little under 1,000 decentralized games to boot! According to OpenSea 's founder, out of the 7 billion people living in this world, 2 billion have played a video game before. However, considering the current state of cryptocurrency, only about 3 million people own any form of cryptocurrency.

With that being said, here are a few examples of NFTs you can buy hot on the market today!

Murakami NFT Mug

This timeless white ceramic mug features a traditional shape and is great for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. It's available in the most popular size. It's an excellent present for anybody who loves hot beverages. The high-quality sublimation printing adds value to it as a gift for any true hot beverage enthusiast.

Murakami NFT Print

This beautiful piece of work is an officially licensed collaboration between Cryptolions and the world-renowned Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami. It's printed on fine art paper using the highest quality inkjet printing process that ensures longevity.

Crypto Punk Mug

This one goes out to all the gamers and cyberpunks out there. The Crypto Punk Mug is a must-have for any true computer nerd, or just anyone that has an appreciation for retro-style art and stylized cubism. It's fingerprint resistant so you won't leave any marks on it when you grab a quick sip at your desk.

Framed CryptoPunk 8348

This framed print is sure to make a statement in your home by bringing the iconic CryptoPunk 8348 artwork to life. It features vibrant colors and high-quality craftsmanship. It's matted with durable high-quality MDF wood, which makes it an ideal wall decoration for anybody who loves video games, cyberpunk or animation art.

Framed Bored Ape YC 2087

This framed print is the perfect addition to any home or office. It's beautifully crafted and features high-quality MDF wood to make an ideal wall decoration for fans of crypto art, sci-fi art, futuristic art, and all things BAYC.

Framed Bored Ape YC 7495

This framed print is a great fit for any house or business. It's a fantastic piece for crypto art, sci-fi art, future art, and all other BAYC interests. It's attractively built with high-quality MDF wood to serve as a stunning wall decoration for fans of crypto art, sci-fi art, futuristic art, and anything else BAYC.

Framed CryptoPunk 5217

You need this for your house. This framed print is a great addition to your room or office. This CryptoPunk 5217 art is a must-have for any fans and is built with high-quality MDF wood to make a perfect wall decoration for you!

Framed CryptoPunk 7804

You need this in your life. It's a great addition to your house or office. It's built with high-quality MDF wood to give it an ideal look as a wall decoration for your house or office. Plus, this art is perfect for any fans of the CryptoPunk series!

Framed Bored Ape YC 446

This Bored Ape depicts a hunted beast. It's looking in the direction of the viewer, with its fangs bared and yellow eyes bearing down on whoever looks at it. The frame is stained in a rich mahogany finish so it can blend easily into your home or office.

Framed CryptoPunk 8857

A CryptoPunk  is a must-have for any collector! It measures 30" x 40" and depicts one in hip-looking 3D glasses. Plus you can place this art prominently on display as a reminder that you're part of the crypto future!