The fashion house, Louis Vuitton, and their latest travel campaign was photographed by Vivian Sassen. Famous Dutch photographer Vivian Sassen captured stunning images of model Vanessa Axente on the streets of Tokyo.

"The new Louis Vuitton city-traveller campaign is a return to the beginning, with modern innovators who are enthusiastic about adventure."

The images are meant to show the freedom of travel, which different models exploring their respective cities. Tokyo was used as a backdrop for this specific campaign.

The new campaign features model Vanessa Axente in outfits that were inspired by Japanese fashion and culture. Sassen's pictures focus on Axente's personal experience with the city, not on a grandeur scale.

"We wanted to focus on the world traveler and capture the moments of discovery," said Pietro Beccari, Louis Vuitton's artistic director of women's wear.

The campaign was released in both print and digital formats. It is scheduled to appear in stores starting September 1st. The campaign is a reflection of the global nature of the fashion house.

As part of a year-long series, Vivian Sassen was invited by Louis Vuitton to photograph cities that are considered trendsetters. These images will appear in the September issue of Vogue Japan and L'Officiel Hommes International Magazine.

"Given the excellent connection between Louis Vuitton and Vivian Sassen, it was an obvious destination for this work, which focuses on freedom of movement. You can feel the energy of Tokyo through her lens," said Delphine Arnault, Louis Vuitton's executive vice president of image and communications. Vanessa Axente is most well-known for her work with Louis Vuitton, as she has been a part of campaigns for the past few seasons. For the new travel campaign, Axente was photographed wearing pieces from both men's and women's fashion lines.