With the help of IKEA and its ever growing home decor inspo website we've compiled easy ways to make your space work better for you!

1. Organize your bedroom drawers with dividers, and label the sections so that everyone in the family knows where to put things back when they're done using them.

2. Take advantage of vertical storage if you don't have a lot of floor space. Install shelves in your closet to create extra storage for shoes, bags and other items you want to keep out of sight.

3. Make the most of the wall next to your bed by installing a pegboard with hooks for hanging clothes. You can also add containers that hold small items such as socks, underwear and belts.

4. Create a stylish storage space that's good for things you need to keep cool by adding an IKEA HEMMA wine rack to your kitchen wall, near the refrigerator.  You can also HEMMA in other places like the laundry room or garage for mops, brooms and gardening tools. The rack fits neatly against the wall, so it's out of the way and doesn't take up space.

5. Rearrange your living room or den to make better use of the space and create a more functional layout that makes sense for you and your family. Move any large pieces of furniture around—they don't have to be where they've always been. Try tucking a low cabinet for storage in the corner of your room, or adding an extra chair to make space for coffee table between two couches.

6. Add hooks to your bathroom walls and put up shower curtain rods above the tub so you can hang bath towels while taking full advantage of floor space for other things. You can also add a small shelf to the inside of your door for extra storage.

7. Get rid of things you no longer use or need, and give new life to unused storage solutions. You can turn old ice cube trays into travel-size containers for toiletries, lipstick tubes and other daily essentials that you want within easy reach.

8. Use the space in your drawers for more than just clothing—add dividers so you can store and separate small items. If you have kids, label each section with their names so that everyone knows where to put his or her stuff. You can also add a tray to lay out jewelry and other accessories in clear sight on top of the drawer.