This year has been a one-of-a-kind experience. Most aspects of life and society have shifted dramatically. Quarantine, working from home, and the now-ubiquitous face mask have all forced fashion manufacturers and shops to adapt to whole new ways of life.

The face mask has become a (government-mandated) necessity. It joins a long list of other things that have found themselves on the list of possible Christmas presents this year. We've collected a list of presents that we never would have anticipated to be buying to our loved ones this time last year, ranging from the face covering to hand sanitizer to high-fashion PPE. As is typically the case, trendy PPE isn't necessarily the safest, therefore we recommend pairing the items below with those advised by health authorities.

Face Mask from Marine Sierre

The face mask, which was one of their products from 2020, went from an odd adornment to a government-sanctioned need this year. Luxury labels rapidly jumped on board, and today everyone from Off-White to Marine Serre is producing them.

Hygiene Tool from SafeTouch

The SafeTouch hygiene multi-tool, while still a niche product from last year, can become an essential for individuals who take additional precautions during these trying times, especially when hand sanitizer isn't enough.

AIRism Face Masks from UNIQLO

A Marine Serre face mask may not be for everyone. Spending more than $15 on something you'll be inhaling hot air into all day may be deemed exorbitant. For less than that, you can acquire three of UNIQLO's AIRism face masks, which are known for causing lines.

Multi-Pochette Bag by Louis Vuitton

This is definitely a one-of-a-kind bag. With all of its varied components, it sets itself apart from other designer bag types. It is a handbag that incorporates three components from their tiny leather goods line. All of the components may be put together to make a cross-body bag with several compartments and pockets.

A Teddy Bear from Palm Angels

A stuffed animal can be a good idea to provide comfort during these circumstances, coming in a fluffy beige material. However, the bear’s feet are embroidered with the Milan-based brand’s characteristic typeface, which includes the letters “P” and “A.” The plush toy’s head is also Velcro-attached to the body, allowing it to be removed and used as unique house décor.

Psyduck Plush Toy

If you have a friend who's an extreme Pokemon fanatic, then this can help keep then sane. Psyduck is a fan-favorite Pokemon that looks like a bipedal platypus or a duck. It has a large, flat, cream-colored beak and somewhat empty eyes. This will surely be a fluffy piece to add to the bedroom tonight.