If you're not familiar with bucket hats, they are perfect for keeping the top and back of your head covered in the blazing summer heat. Their ability to shield from sunrays make them a saviour for those who struggle with heat rash or have sensitive skin when exposed to sunlight.

For me, bucket hats aren't just protective against scorching hot sun rays, they're extremely versatile and add a stylish touch to any outfit.

Bucket hats are perfect for the summer months and can really take your outfit from drab to fab - just look at how this guy incorporated his into his style:

Here is a fun, quick guide on how you too can get the most out of this trending summer hat. Get the most out of your bucket hat styling to beat the heat and look good this summer!

1. Wear Your Bucket Hat With All Of Your Outfits

The main selling point (and protection function) of a bucket hat is that it gives you shade from the sun while looking stylish, so why not rock with your favourite outfits? 

One of the best things about bucket hats is that they don't have to be just for outdoors. Wear them with your work clothes, casual outfit and even formal wear. The uses are endless, which brings us to our next tip...

2. Use Your Bucket Hat as a Fashion Statement

There's no rule that says you can't wear a bucket hat with floral prints, stripes or bright colours. These are just as great for shielding your face from the sun while looking awesome.

You can also use multiple hats to achieve different looks - try wearing one on top of another like wacky stacks and experiment with how it looks!

3. Style Your Bucket Hat With Other Accessories

Bucket hats are so versatile that they can be paired with other accessories and still look amazing. For example, if you're using a bucket hat as part of your everyday casual outfit, try pairing it with a pair of dazzling sunglasses or even a different type of hat:

Even though the two looks above are completely different from each other, the key point is that they have one thing in common - a bucket hat. Instead of using just your headwear to create two different looks, you incorporated accessories as well, which resulted in something new and exciting!

4. Use Your Bucket Hat As A Protective Anti-Theft Tool

Bucket hats can be a great anti-theft tool, especially in crowded places. If you're worried about your belongings being stolen (especially if you have a habit of leaving your bag unattended), wear them when walking around the city or attending concerts and festivals where theft is rampant.

Stop worrying and embrace bucket hat fashion this summer while avoiding that heat rash.