When it comes to gifts for dog lovers, the possibilities are limitless. Every year, you or someone you know probably has a stocking for their dog or a few items for their cat. There’s a deluge of high-end, fancy pup gear to clothes, house, or stroll your canine pal with for those of you who appreciate some dog doting. And, because we’re in the business of finding the most interesting pieces – smart, beautiful, and a bit out-of-the-box – we’ve gathered some of our favorites here. Whether it’s a stylish leather leash or a functional dog bed, browse over our favorite gift ideas and find something for your dog-loving friend or your own best buddy.

Walking Kit

Everything Wild One has made it impossibly chic with this one. This set includes the iconic dog harness and collar, as well as a color-matching leash and poop bag carrier, for pet owners who are usually on-the-go. This kit will suit your dog to a tee with five size options and eight color options.

Tree Hugger Bed

This super-modern bed from Whom was crafted with sustainability collected wood in a zero-waste factory, making it ideal for any dog owner who is also committed to eco-friendly living. The beautiful linen upholstery is also machine washable and comes in nine different colors.

Binky Tug Toy

If you have a dog who prefers a finer knit for gnawing, this simple dog toy from Portland-based House Dogge would suffice. Furthermore, the wool is Oeko-Tex certified, and House Dogge has made each product from repurposed cotton rope, ensuring a safe playground environment. The toys can also be personalized, making them the ideal gift for your best pal.

Tiffany & Co. Pet Accessories

Tiffany’s classic pet accessories are made from the finest Italian leather and handcrafted hardware for a sumptuous look and feel. Bridle leather designs are ideal for your canine companion.

Ceramic Pet Bowls

Eating from beautiful ceramics is not just for humans – good dishware is also appreciated by dogs. This chic rippling set would look great on a human table. There’s no need to hide the kibble from design-obsessed visitors.

A “Ball Is Life” Dog Tag

Every dog has its own personality, and the folks at Los Angeles’ Trill Paws have created amusing, customized dog tags that will make an A+ gift for any dog parent.

Striped Webbing Collar & Leash

Ware of the Dog features everything for every dog lover who enjoys a good fashion statement. Their eye-catching collars, made-in-the-USA collars, harnesses, and leashes are properly out there, with animal designs to neon leather.

Stylish Dog Food Tray

Many were naturally delighted to discover that IKEA has a pet collection. Colorful bowls, cushions, minimalist bed frames, and patterned food trays were all available. The items, some designed by Inma Bermdez, are as useful as they are gorgeous.

A Full Dog Grooming Kit

This considerate present is for any dog parent (or dad) in your life who takes pride in keeping Fido looking his best. Curved and straight scissors, nail clippers, a nail file, a pet comb, and thinning sheers are all included in a black leather case.

A Pet Waste Bag Holder

This vibrantly colored poop bag dispenser pouches are sure to help with cleanup. The setup is made of lightweight silicone and is small enough to clip to your leash or belt loop.